Where to See Music in Oshkosh

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The Reptile Palace

The Reptile Palace

Location: 141 High Avenue, Oshkosh WI 54901

(920) 231-1296

Beth Shubert

Brief History: the former location of the Lizard Lounge.
Shubert tookover ownership of the establishment in 2004.

How To Book a Show:
Send your package to:
The Reptile Palace
attn: Erik
141 High Ave. Oshkosh, WI, 54901

Interior Description:
Long bar. Skateboard on the walls. Graffiti everywhere. This place definitely has some character.

HAPPY HOUR SPECIALS: (3-6PM MON-FRI) $1.50 Domestic Bottles WEEKLY SPECIALS 8 PM- CLOSE WEDNESDAY- Captain Pints $2.50 THURSDAY-$7 all you can drink; Lite, Bud Light & PBR draft. *THURSDAY/FRIDAY/SATURDAY:FREE LIVE MUSIC

Stage area:
Small but this place hosts many lives shows and has had several big name acts play on its stage. There is decent sound hookups as well as a soundboard.

Sound Quality:
Varies. Sound can be awesome if you have decent equipment and the sound board is set up right. This place is vary long in shape so if you play loud music it's gonna be extremely loud in the front.

Gear Provided:
soundboard hookup

Show atmosphere:
dramatically varies between shows. This place definitely draws in different crowds depending on the music. Sure, you'll have your usual bikers etc. crowd but the crowd can varies from college girls to metal heads depending on the band. This place draws in pretty good crowds on the weekends.

Typical Show Attendance:
varies on the band, what day you play, and how well your promote yourself. (obviously).


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